Rockbreak Station

Rockbreak Station

Founded about fifty years ago, Rockbreak was originally just an asteroid mine in the Diaspora, digging out useful metals and other materials from one of the mid-sized rocks. Over time, the central shaft of the mine was turned into habitable space, sealed against the void, and industrial processing was added. The last stage of it being a mine came when the remnant rock was processed, anything valuable drawn out, and the slag used to plate the station with a thick layer of rock to guard it against radiation and impacts.

Since then, a primary docking facility has been added to one pole of the station, turning it into something of a low-end trade port for the Diaspora, while the other pole has had seven arms added; three of the arms belong entirely to the station, while the other four are leased out to investors and other groups that need space out in the asteroids.


  • Hydro Arm is something of an anomaly, an entire sizable module given over to growing real food on-site in the void of space. They even have a small flock of genetically engineered chickens producing eggs. The novelty of real food is one reason Rockbreak is a trade hub; most habitats get by on flavored nutrient pastes and bricks.
  • Home Arm is where everyone that’s permanently on the station lives; the entire arm is modular inside, so the formation of families means individual apartments can be combined to make larger living spaces.
  • Iron Arm is where the mineral processing was moved when the arms started being added; given the high value of some of the things processed here, it has the heaviest armor and the tightest security, with robotic security and even a few constructs to supplement the workforce.
  • Bone Arm was originally paid for in part by Eoxians, and the name stuck when their lease ended and they packed up. As such, this arm sees less use than most, but for the last year the Gravid Explorations corporation has been based out of it, while Whispersync Labs has recently rented a fair portion of it.
  • Green Arm is the main home for the various labs owned by bioengineering research firms such as Goblin Genetics and Owlbear Custom Creations; Gravid Explorations also owns one of these labs, studying the strange lifeforms found out in the Vast. Pretty much every lab is outfitted with sterilization systems that use elemental fire, high radiation, and extreme pressures.
  • Glass Arm has housed a small Starfinder facility since it became available, home to exactly one member of the Society plus the occasional visitor. It’s also where a modest AbadarCorp store operates, and the location of a variety of chapels and shrines. A large portion of the station’s visitors come here to visit the Glass Arm and pay tribute to whatever gods they happen to follow. Of note are permanent shrines to Weydan, Desna, and – of all oddities – Aroden.
  • Trash Arm might seem derogatory, until the presence of half a dozen search, rescue, and salvage firms in the arm is discovered. Recycling facilties for the components that the Iron Arm can’t handle are here, charging modest fees to take care of pretty much anything that isn’t a dead body. It follows that they also do a brisk business in selling the recycled materials that the previous owner didn’t want to reclaim. Two prominent companies are Efficient Extractions Inc and Elemental Recycling.


Human: 67%
Ysoki: 14%
Android: 12%
Lashunta: 3%
Shirren: 2%
Kasatha: 1%
Vesk: 0.7%
Other: 0.3%

Rockbreak Station

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