Lynn Minmay

Innocence in motion, youthful and hopeful


Born on Castrovel, she is still fairly young, but has done some travelling in pursuit of a career in music.

In her recent travels, she wound up stranded on a modest-sized space habitat when she had a falling out during her recent “tour” with her now former manager. Needless to say, the falling out was a difference of opinion, where the manager had all he could do to get this job, while she couldn’t believe how … minor and off the beaten path it was.

She is now looking for both a new manager, although she is contemplating doing that herself, and a way off this miserable excuse for a performance milieu.

As a young and somewhat naive traveler, she tends to believe in the best of everyone, and prefers to not kill, if she can avoid it. As a part of that, her primary weapon choice, at this time, is her pulsecaster pistol, and she has already adopted the celebrity preference in wearing Second Skin armor matching her natural skin tones, with regular street clothing, or her performance outfits,over it.

As this was her first trip off Castrovel, and away from a predominantly Lashunta community, she is still a little confused by verbal communications. Telepathy is so much faster and more reliable, after all. Which is why she works as an instrumentalist, singing is still a foreign concept to her.

Lynn Minmay

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